Monday, October 27, 2008

Kobold Quarterly's Monday Monsters

Folk are creatures of habit, there are things that we do and do not do when we get out of bed in the morning. Some folk like to get up, get dressed, and go for a run, while others like to relax, drink coffee, read the morning paper or watch the news. Regardless of what, we all have those habits and one of my weekly habits is Kobold Quarterly's Monday Monsters.

Monday Monsters is a series of free articles from Kobold Quarterly, which is both a website and periodical, for those who do not know, that is, to quote Erik Mona, "the spiritual successor to Dragon Magazine." In Monday Monsters we are shown a variety of monsters, many of which from urban legend and folklore, that can be dropped into many a campaign, be they contemporary or period fantasy. 

Whether you are working behind the screen, looking for a new foe for your players, or a memorable encounter, a developer or designer who enjoys monster articles, or just a fan of a well-crafted monster that can be dropped into a campaign, you will love KQ's Monday Monsters. Not only are they an interesting take on some traditional tales of myth, legend, and mystery, but it is a good place to see new faces in the halls of game design and development, like John E. Ling and Joshua Stevens.

Thus far, Kobold Quarterly keeps hitting them out of the park, with both their analog and digital offerings, and Monday Monsters is no exception, it is an example.

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