Friday, October 31, 2008

Rite Publishing previews Mandragoran from Heroes of the Jade Oath

Recently, Rite Publishing put up a preview of the Mandragoran race from Heroes of the Jade Oath, which should give those on the fence about joining this patronage project something to chew on and help them make a final decision toward joining. The preview gives us an interesting insight into the project, its teammates, and the unique setting from the mind of Frank Carr.

The preview its self is well laid out, upon a white background with golden title lettering, as well as golden Kanji upon a jade colored leather page-edge border. However, for those more ink conscious, RiP also offers a printer friendly preview, too.

Prominently features upon the Heroes of the Jade Oath cover, in the brilliant artwork of Wayne Reynolds, the Mandragoran are humanoid species with very plant-like qualities, abilities, and dependencies that can add an interesting species to any campaign, but also add a unique element to this Asiatic flavored role-playing game. Not only do they fit the classic elements of Wu Xing, but these methodical people have a Taijiquan feel to their slow confidence.

Slow and steady is an excellent way to describe the Mandragoran, however those who gain false confidence from their cautious nature will soon learn the follow of their ways. As they are quite confident in their ways, yet not crippled by them, and their word is their bond, if you have it on paper. Mandragoran are in a caste bound society that is male dominant, which obviously is an excellent source of inspiration for a character choosing the life of an adventurer.

Bet they merchants, philosophical warriors, determined priest, truth seeking witches, or an infinite combination of things, these verdant beings will not disappointed, even under the harshest of sunlight. While there may be potential hazards for their race, they are definitely an enjoyable race to contemplate, as well as an excellent sign of things to come from the Lands of the Jade Oath.

My suggestion, visit the Rite Publishing site and checkout the preview, as it is not only an enjoyable read, but it will help you decide whether you'd like to offer them your patronage. I know I have and it's an excellent community, too.

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