Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PaizoCon 2009

You'd think that with as long as I've been gaming that I would have been to a gaming convention by now, but you'd be wrong. However, that's about to change this coming June 12-14, as I'm going to be in Seattle, Washington attending PaizoCon, an intimate convention with a 250 person attendance cap, that is an unofficial convention turned official by the folks from Paizo.

What was previously a fan-created event, thrown together through the Paizo forums, is now an official event, by Paizo, with an impressive guest list of Paizo employees, associates, contributors, and some honored guests with as impressive credentials to their name.  We're talking Monte and Sue Cook, from Malhavoc Press, as well as Eva Widermann, Wolfgang Baur, and more veterans than you can shake a stick at.

Needless to say, I'm excited, both for Paizo and for myself, as I finally get to meet some of these folk face to face, as opposed to through a monitor. While I'm mostly going to be there as a fan, I am going to try and get some time in where I'll make a few posts, tell some anecdotes, and share any cool Paizo-centric information that I can from the convention. It seems that the hotel has free wifi, so I'm gonna use it, like crazy, and maybe get some solid content out of it.

Who knows, if I do enough solid business this year, as a reviewer and journalist, I can turn pro. *chuckles* Yeah, I know, I couldn't keep a straight face, either.

Anyhow, if you're there, see you at PaizoCon. :D

In June!

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Atomic said...

I'll be there again this year. Look for the one rolling the dice...