Monday, April 6, 2009

Paizo has new media concepts down pat...

I've decided to take a brief moment to make mention of one of the larger companies who has the common sense, in my opinion, to use a new media concept in the right fashion; thank you, Paizo, for not being a dinosaur.

As a fair chunk of the role-playing gamer community is hearing tonight, evoking some solid nerd-rage in response, Wizards of the Coast is pulling their PDFs while totally failing on the communication front with its customers. Heck, even stout WotC apologists are at a loss for words, except for a handful, fervent few who seem to see no wrong in WotC's actions.

But, well, screw WotC for the moment, as I wanna thank Paizo for not only having a solid, as well as internal, PDF source, but also attaching a PDF copy to all direct hardcopy sales. See, if you look at my account, when I post on Paizo's boards, it calls me a Pathfinder Charter Superscriber, which refers to the fact that I've been a subscriber since they started the service to everything in the Pathfinder and Gamemastery lines. Heck, I was doing that even while dreadfully unemployed and working on a very tight budget. Yes, I know, irresponsible, but I'm only responsible for me, so it worked out fine.

Now there are some companies who have a solid softcopy presence out there, such as e32 over at SJ Games, as well as the known folks of OBS/DriveThru/RPGNow, but Paizo is damn solid about selling both a PDF and a hard copy in a direct sale and bonding that with your Paizo account and that's just awesome.

See, WotC, Paizo can do something smart, something customers appreciate, and they communicate quite well and post things in advanced, too. Hey, maybe they'll host a seminar for industry folks who wanna better appreciate and provide services for their customer. Maybe you should e-mail them, after the fact, and see if you can attend. ;)

Feh. I know, snarky, but it's my blog and I am a bit known as a mouthy bastich. ;)

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